Adventures in air travel

July 15, 2007 at 8:33 pm (Travel)

jh723.jpg jh704.jpg

The Grand Tetons


The notorious humid haze of summer and the even more notorious Capital Beltway traffic of the greater Washington DC area


So…Yesterday we flew from Paradise (Grand Teton National Park) to..well, home. And really, air travel has become such an adventure!

First, our flight on Unnamed Airline was delayed at take off. When we finally landed in Minneapolis, the plane taxied down the runway in a leisurely fashion for what seemed like an eternity before finally reaching the gate.


[These are pictures of the interior of the aircraft that took us on the first leg of our flight out West several days ago. If you look closely, you can see steam issuing from just above the overhead storage compartments. Might this steam be comprised of the Spirits of Passengers Past, wondering wearily if they will ever reach their respective destinations?]

Next, the mad dash to our connecting flight through an airport roughly the size of West Texas. We had to board a tram to get to another concourse; this might have been a quaint experience if we hadn’t had six minutes to spare before our flight left. We whipped past the gate agent, collecting our boarding passes on the fly. When we boarded the plane, we found ourselves seated in First Class; Unnamed Airline had redeemed itself. As my husband pointed out, it is gratifying to receive a Pleasant Surprise for once, as opposed to the Other Kind, so often encountered while traveling.

Quite naturally, under the circumstances, our luggage remained behind, somewhere in the cavernous interior of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The agent in charge of Lost Luggage (Is there an agent somewhere in charge of Lost Souls as well??) dealt with the situation generously and efficiently, giving us coupons for a discount fare plus frequent flyer miles. Unnamed Airlines redeemed itself once again; the prodigal suitcase was outside our front door this morning.

End of adventure -and a good thing, too!


  1. Erica said,

    this was funny.. wow, you guys really lucked out- first class and then discounts and freq flyer miles ~! That’s great! can’t say that’s ever happened to me, and I’m a magnet for lost luggage- which is why I need to carry on everything they’ll let me….erica

  2. BooksPlease said,

    We’ve been away this weekend too and left our cat behind in the house (cat sitter next door). Not flying , like you, but driving up from the south to the north of England. We had an horrendous journey, just crawling along the motorways in pouring rain which took us 7 hours instead of 3 and a half.

    I love your description of your welcome home from Miss Marple in your previous post. Our cat also goes into raptures when we come home, but manages to be disapproving of us too.

  3. Peggy said,

    Too funny ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the pictures! It’s a good thing your missing suitcase showed up on YOUR doorstep instead of someone else’s! They should require a signature to sign off on things, otherwise what keeps the delivery person from saying “ok I can’t find the exact address, so I’ll leave it here.. it’s close!” That would so be my luck! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been looking into Global Bag Tag, have you seen them? I’d like to get more opinions on them before I buy them.

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