We had a wonderful trip, but this is what’s in my heart at the moment

July 15, 2007 at 2:18 pm (Cats, Travel)

miss-marple-at-post.jpg For those of you who get annoyed when people blather and gush on the subject of their pets; for those of you who feel that this devotion to a small animal is inexplicable and undignified – especially in adults! – I invite you to skip the following. (Chacun a son gout, etc.) For those of you who are pet lovers – or at least, those of you who sympathize -and empathize – read on…

Afer an absence of three days, we were joyously welcomed home last night by our cat, Miss Marple. She ran all over the house, sometimes in such a frenzy that we thought it best to flatten ourselves against the nearest wall as she came around the bend! Periodically, she emitted what my husband refers to as her “banshee wails.” When she needed a break from this frantic activity, she would jump up on a table and sit, glaring at us, demanding attention and worship from the humans who had recently committed the outrage of being Away From Home.

After several hours of this, she conked out, purring softly, sighing from time to time, utterly limp and languid as is her wont when she is resting, especially if she is drunk on Love.

Miss Marple’s fur is of a rich, dark hue, with highlights the color of chocolate.  The major downside of traveling is having to leave her alone in the house (albeit, in the care of a reliable pet sitter). The best thing about coming home is coming home to her.

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  1. Annette said,

    Hey, Bert – naturally I had to find the cat-related post first. Miss Marple looks like a very dignified lady. I cannot imagine her behaving in the way you’ve described!

    When I returned from vacations, I usually had a long note from the cat-sitter, expressing that her visits took a long time, because she could never find the darn cat. And my return was usually celebrated with a good couple hours of blatant ignoring. Cammy would come and sit near me, with her back turned. If I petted her, she would just saunter off indifferently. Then she’d return a while later with fierce demands for petting. I always had to take my punishment first, though.


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