Where the deer and the buffalo roam: Grand Teton National Park

July 31, 2007 at 5:07 pm (Uncategorized)

p1000728.jpg p1000724.jpg Oh, the fabulous Tetons!

p1000694.jpg p1000691.jpg We pulled over and got out of the car in order to get a better look and take some pictures. The buffalo were grazing some distance away; we were able to get closer to them by walking down a scrubby path. As I approached, my eyes filled with tears. I felt so deeply grateful – grateful to have the chance to see these magnificent creatures, grateful that they are still among us, after coming so close to extinction. One of them rolled over and wallowed in the earth, sending up a great cloud of dust. Then another turned around and stared foursquare at us. The power of that gaze! We retreated back to the car. It was, after all, their kingdom, and hard fought for.

p1000690.jpg The mountains were supposedly named by French-Canadian fur trappers, possibly long starved for female companionship, “Grands Tetons” meaning “Large Teats” in French. I don’t exactly see the resemblance myself. The authors of Lonely Planet Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks quoted someone to the effect that “That’s what you get when you let French fur trappers name a mountain range!”

[Wikipedia has a wonderful entry on the American Bison.]


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