“Hi! How Ya Doin!” by Joyce Carol Oates

August 14, 2007 at 4:32 pm (books, Eloquence, Short stories)

joycecaroloates.jpg Yikes! a story by Joyce Carol Oates, six pages of nonstop manic motion, propulsive and relentless, spent in the chaotic company of numerous runners, oblivious to one another, except for one, all hurtling toward some unknown fate, not to be avoided, greatly to be dreaded, a lifetime encapsulated in one unending sentence, you will feel as though you have indeed been sentenced, by this master mesmerizer!

Okay – we know Joyce Carol Oates, and I’m no Joyce Carol Oates. Still, I needed to write – I couldn’t help thinking – in stream-of-consciousness after reading “Hi! How Ya Doin!” for the second time. I woke up this morning with the joggers’ feet still pounding in my brain. I’ll probably read the story yet again, but not just now – I need time to breathe!

dr-moses.jpg “Hi! How ya Doin!” is the first in a new anthology of stories by Oates, entitled The Museum of Dr. Moses: Tales of Mystery and Suspense. I’ve read only that first tale. Any more shocks to my system like that one and they’ll have to carry me out!

You can read the first three pages only of this story online, courtesy of Amazon.com’s “Search inside the book” feature. – click on “excerpt.” Go ahead – if you dare. (Or maybe it was just me – I do feel calmer now, at any rate…)


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  4. jason said,

    I couldn’t quite commprehend the ending. Could some one please help me understand it?

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