Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.25

October 10, 2007 at 5:25 pm (Music)

ivan-moravec_mozart-pc-25.jpg Yesterday as I sat reading in the living room (with Miss Marple arranged decorously on my lap), the sound of Mozart’s concerto came to me from the family room, where you, dear computer, live and where my husband listens to music on the FM. I was not actually aware of hearing this piece until the third movement. At that point, the piano suddenly became magical. Czech pianist Ivan Moravec seemed to range the entire length of the instrument, summoning from it in the process all the beauty of expression of which it was capable. The result was irresistible, electrifying, and seemed to align itself with something deep inside me. If ever I needed a reason to keep living, I thought, this music would be it.

Who but Mozart could take such a deceptively simple melody and transform it into something sublime? Amadeus, indeed; beloved by God, and beloved by us mortals desperate to have beauty and meaning in our lives.

moravec.jpg Ivan Moravec

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