Roberta Recommends: The Reading Life: Is there still hope?

November 20, 2007 at 9:16 pm (books)

Of late, the news about trends in reading has not been encouraging. In a report released yesterday, the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) reveals that in reviewing statistics set forth in over forty recent studies, it has found a decline in both leisure reading and test scores. Then there’s the recently released book Print Is Dead, by Jeff Gomez. (Oh, those thudding monosyllables!)

literary-review-cover.jpg Finally, just as I was thinking, oh well, I’ll move to Britain, where they understand the sacredness of the printed word, I came across this disturbing editorial by William Palmer in a magazine I truly cherish, Literary Review. I beg you, fellow book lovers, read this article, entitled “Losing the Past.” I would dearly love to get your comments on this terrific essay.

But meanwhile…keep reading and sharing your love of books, through blogging, word of mouth, book clubs, and any other way you can think of!

In that spirit, here is a grab-bag of some of my favorite books and authors, from time past and recent years:

lonesome-dove.jpg mcmurtry184.jpg **** enduring.jpg mcewan-ian.jpg

rabbit.jpg john_updike_wideweb__470x3170.jpg

arthurgeorge.jpgjulian-barnes.jpg***hoteldulacjpb.jpg brookner.jpg

coffin.jpg martinedwards.jpg***stalban.jpg archer-mayor.jpg

sight.jpg rendell0.jpg***pd-james-a-certain-justice.jpg pd-james-794448.jpg

on-beulah-height.jpg reginald-hill.jpg***colin-dexter-the-way-through-the-woods.jpg colin-dexter.jpg

will.jpg greenblatt_rdax_250x348.jpg**omnivore.jpg pollan_michael.jpg

mistress.jpg kate_picture.jpg

bloody.jpg mckayjenkins2.jpg***evening.jpg gaines.jpg


  1. Kay said,

    Maybe the reports are true. However, I work in a very busy branch of a public library and it seems to me that people are checking out just as many books as they are CDs and DVDs. What I love to see is the enthusiasm on the faces of the children when they have a particular book in mind and we find it for them. Such joy!

  2. Roberta Rood said,

    I too work parttime at a busy public library. I actually retired but am now “subbing” at the information desk. I couldn’t keep away from the books & my book-loving friends! and you are so right – bringing that look of pure book-fueled pleasure to a child’s face is great fun.

  3. Readings: Shakespeare « Books to the Ceiling said,

    […] that Greenblatt, one of our greatest Shakespeare scholars and author of the wonderfully readable Will in the World , has himself written a […]

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