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July 13, 2008 at 1:20 pm (books, Current affairs, Magazines and newspapers) ()

I almost missed “Woman Restored To 9/11 Toll,” a brief item that appeared in Friday’s Washington Post. What caught my eye was a name: Sneha Anne Philip. This is the young medical intern whose disappearance was chronicled in an article by Mark Fass in New York Magazine“Last Seen On September 10.” I read this article in the terrific anthology Best American Crime Reporting 2007.

Philip was originally listed as a casualty of 9/11. She was delisted in 2004 because her disappearance had been reported on the day prior, and no remains or other compelling evidence had been found to indicate that she was a victim of the attack.

Now, Sneha Anne Philip, a beautiful, bright young woman, a loved wife and daughter, has been placed back on the list of 9/11 victims by the office of the medical examiner of New York City. Her family has never stopped urging that this action be taken. One hopes that their grief will now, in some small degree, be assuaged.

Is there any more haunting mystery than that of a person who disappears?

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  1. Dion said,

    I remember this lady on the news and I pray that she is alive out there somewhere.

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