Two splendid entertainments forthcoming – and one just arrived

August 28, 2008 at 9:00 pm (books, Film and television, Mystery fiction, The British police procedural, Uncategorized)

Every once in a while, I read a review that causes me to want the book now – not in a few days, not next week – but right this moment! Patrick Anderson’s review of True Crime: An American Anthology in Monday’s Washington Post had precisely that affect on me.

First I tried the library. True Crime was not on order yet, so I requested that it be purchased by the system. (For local library users: you can request that materials be purchased by the library by filling out this form on the library’s website.)

Then I tried Amazon, where the publication date of True Crime was given as September 18. Of course, the opportunity to pre-order was on offer – and at a hefty discount: $26.40, as opposed to the list price of $40.00.

But – sigh… – when I’m in this kind of acquisition fever, money ceases to figure in. So I thought to scheming little self, let’s have a look at the publisher’s site. And lo and behold, The Library of America had the book in stock and available for purchase immediately at the discount price of $32.00! Not only that, but they offered that Holy Grail of online book buyers, Free Shipping!! Well, no question but that I would spring for it – and so I have, Dear Reader, so I have. But I must confess: free shipping was too slow, so I opted to splurge on a UPS delivery – which pushed the price of the whole transaction up to just under $40.00. And so, True Crime: An American Anthology should be here in just a few days – and boy, will I be ready for it!


Now – where was I… Oh, yes – the second splendid entertainment is no less than the announcement of a planned sequel to the Masterpiece Mystery series Foyle’s War. It will be entitled, logically enough, Foyle’s Peace. Read it about it here.

Many of us feel that the series Foyle’s War was a class act of the first order, the best mystery series to come to us from Britain since the incomparable Inspector Morse. It was conceived by Anthony Horowitz. Take a look at this man’s credits – just incredible! We fans of Mystery! really owe him.


Finally, I just picked up my reserve copy of Game Over by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles. Her Bill Slider series is one of my all time favorite procedurals. These books are wonderfully well written and constantly enlivened by Harrod-Eagles’ trademark wit. Lately, along with her loyal readers, she’s had to fight to get them published over here. So a big thank-you goes to Severn House, one of my favorite publishers.

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

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