Snow Before Christmas: a rhyming post

December 20, 2009 at 11:48 pm (Local interest (Baltimore-Washington))

Snow Before Christmas

automotive artifact

I went downstairs with Miss Marple the cat
Her big green eyes seemed to ask, “What’s that?”

When we gazed out the window everything was so bright
Why, all we could see was covered in white!
It had snowed and snowed, and snowed…all night!

When we searched in the driveway for our small black car,
It resembled an artifact sent from afar.

But the biggest challenge of all surely lay
In the disappearance of our driveway

Under what seemed like a ton of snow –
Would we ever get out again? We didn’t know.

Ron and I dug, and then dug some more
But we needed to stop – we were getting so sore!

How will we ever get out? I did ask;
For we’d barely made a dent in the task.

Then suddenly there arose around us
A gaggle of friends and neighbors – They’d found us!

They’d seen our difficulty and distress,
And worked to get us out of that mess.

To these friends and neighbors: we’re gratified and touched –
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah – and thank you so much!


  1. stephany said,

    Beautiful….. the sentiment as well as the photos!!!!

    • Roberta Rood said,

      Thanks, Stephany!

  2. June Horner said,

    The pictures are lovely… ESPECIALLY that last picture if your good, kind neighbors working away at your driveway. Thanks for posting !

  3. “Snowmageddon,” Part Two – the calm before the next deluge? « Books to the Ceiling said,

    […] As happened in December, the neighbors turned out in force to help us finish clearing the driveway. Bless them! The first thing we did was go to the supermarket and stock up – again. The forecast calls for more snow. As you have probably gathered from the pictures, our biggest problem right now is where to put  the stuff. And there are other problems: sore shoulders, aching backs, low morale, cabin fever, a hankering for fresh produce. Even I, heartily bored to death as I am with “healthful eating,” rejoiced at the sight of a few leaves of (semi-wilted) iceberg lettuce! […]

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