Suggestions from Salon for best of 2009

December 23, 2009 at 2:32 pm (Best of 2009, books)

I’ve long appreciated Salon’s generous coverage of books. Here are Laura Miller’s choices for best fiction and nonfiction of 2009.

As if she could not stop herself, this passionate reader went on to name her favorites of the decade. (And aren’t I delighted to see The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher on that list!)

I’m not sure what the relationship of “Open Salon” is to “Salon” proper, but the site features an excellent aggregator of “best fiction of 2009” lists. (Be sure to look closely at the entry from Publishers Weekly. They stirred up a hornet’s nest by coming out with a “ten best” list that did not include a single work by a female author! This in a year of so many outstanding works by women; among them Wolf Hall, Hilary Mantel’s stunning Man Booker Prize winner. Once again, Laura Miller has a thoughtful piece on the PW dustup.)

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  1. Jacquelyn said,

    I love your posts and now I have a few more books to add to my “must read list”. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!!

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