“Snowmageddon,” or a world transformed

February 7, 2010 at 5:54 pm (Local interest (Baltimore-Washington))

It began Friday morning. A sloppy, gloppy mixture of snow and rain began to fall at around 10:30. Nothing stuck to the ground until late afternoon. That fact allowed us some hope that perhaps the forecast had been unnecessarily dire. During the evening, however, the snow began to fall fast and furiously, whipped on its way by powerful gusts of wind.  We settled in to watch a Lifetime movie (an exceptionally good one called Hit and Run) and then went to bed early, figuring we need all the energy we could muster for the next day’s task.

Even so, we were stunned by the sight that greeted us yesterday morning:

Our deck

Snow drift blocking a usually clear view from an upstairs bedroom window

Ron's beloved Chevy Nova, transformed into an artifact

The disheartening sight that greeted me when I opened the garage door

By now, you’ve got the idea. It was a truly massive snowfall: “snowmageddon,” to use the President’s felicitous coinage. And it was not yet over…

Yes, beautiful in some ways – but very daunting when we realized what it was going to take to clear the driveway. There was no help for it but to get to work:

Stay tuned…


  1. Kay said,

    Roberta, that is just unreal. Thanks for sharing your white wonderland. Take care and don’t work too hard clearing that snow. 🙂

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