“Snowmageddon,” Part Two – the calm before the next deluge?

February 9, 2010 at 4:46 pm (Local interest (Baltimore-Washington), Travel)

[Click here for the first “snowmageddon” post.]

So: this is how the neighborhood looked after the Big Dig Out:

As happened in December, the neighbors turned out in force to help us finish clearing the driveway. Bless them! The first thing we did was go to the supermarket and stock up – again. The forecast calls for more snow. As you have probably gathered from the pictures, our biggest problem right now is where to put  the stuff. And there are other problems: sore shoulders, aching backs, low morale, cabin fever, a hankering for fresh produce. Even I, heartily bored to death as I am with “healthful eating,” rejoiced at the sight of a few leaves of (semi-wilted) iceberg lettuce!

Even now, the beautiful blue of the pictures above has faded to an indeterminate dishwater gray. Actually, that’s the default ‘color’ of winter weather in these parts. At the moment I’m reminiscing about a plan we once had of moving to New Mexico – somewhere near Santa Fe. Ah yes – Santa Fe, with its cerulean blue skies, blue doors, mountains, the aroma of pinyon, the lilt of the Spanish tongue, the Native American owned Hotel Santa Fe, and the general air of otherworldliness…

Can you blame a person for dreaming of it, right now?


  1. Kay said,

    No, I can’t blame you for thinking of the Southwest at this time. We just returned from a trip to Phoenix. Austin has been rainier and grayer than we have seen in a long time. I’m trying to remind myself of how hot it was last summer and what the water restrictions were like in August and September. Anyway, we enjoyed Phoenix, but even they have had an abnormal winter. Lots of rain and storms. And we flew through the weather that is coming to you soon. Just about bounced our plane out of the air. Made me really nervous. Good luck! Spring will come…..eventually.

    • Roberta Rood said,

      Doesn’t surprise me – I guess this is a terrible winter for everyone…
      Anyway, thanks for the update!

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