Snowmageddon, Part Three: Snowlympics?

February 10, 2010 at 7:33 pm (Local interest (Baltimore-Washington))

It is coming down again, and I have been out shoveling again. Thie situation calls for resourcefulness, for differing approaches to the task at hand. For instance:

When flinging the snow up and away from your body, pull back sharply on the shovel as you release the freezing payload…It may travel a bit farther that way. I think this is because of physics ( a subject which I, normally an A student in high school, barely passed). Or, if you find a spot sufficiently low to the ground (ground? what ground?), twirl the shovel’s handle smartly to release the snow. This action will result in a minimal amount of residue clinging to the shovel.

All these points being understood, get a rhythm going and keep at it as long as you can. I’m thinking of this as part of my fitness regimen, although there’s way too much repetitive motion involved. Still, I must be burning some calories. And my form is improving…Snowlympics, here I come!


Will our lone street lamp be covered up, shrouding us in darkness?

Even the birds look lost...

Birds looking lost

Our back deck, completely filled with the stuff

Our deck, full to overflowing


Utterly inundated - and still it keeps coming...


  1. Pauline Cohen said,


    The weather may be frightful, but your photos are delightful. (Obviously I am stealing from that song–is it called “Let It Snow”?) No, please don’t let it snow any more!

    I look forward to seeing the grass again.


    • Roberta Rood said,

      Thanks, Pauline. Actually I’m not sure I remember what grass looks like…

  2. “Dead men don’t tell tales, but I always expect them to pop up and tell me it had all been a big joke. In thirty years of law enforcement, I had been deeply disappointed” – The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson « Books to the Ceilin said,

    […] Wyoming folk know a thing or two about snow. And so do we, here in the Free […]

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