Snowmageddon – the postlude

February 12, 2010 at 9:34 pm (Local interest (Baltimore-Washington))

It is over. Done with. No more Snowmageddon posts. We wish – somewhat desperately – to get back to normal. Granted, at this point in time, we have to do so with no access to two of our three vehicles, and a completely blocked front entrance. One  does what one can…

Here are a few more parting shots:

The front door, which heretofore had steps leading up to it...

The front door, which formerly featured steps leading up to it...

Someone's cartifacts...

Odd pattern of icicles near the front door

Mountains of the stuff, everywhere...

Primary and secondary snowdrifts on the roof, seen from a second floor bedroom

The right side of the driveway, facing toward the street


The apotheosis of carhenge!


  1. Meredith said,

    The best thing about the snow has been the reading I’ve managed, and the time you’ve been able to devote to the blog!

    Thanks for the fascinating link to the Wikipedia link on Ian Bostridge. I just recently became a fan (not at all knowledgeable about singers, being an instrumental music-type) after hearing his Bach: Cantatas and Arias with Fabio Biondi, Virgin Classics, 2000. If you haven’t heard it, I humbly recommend it to you, intrepid trekker hither and yon in pursuit of all manner of vocal wonders! I didn’t reply at the time, but also much appreciated your post ages ago re: Pavarotti, his papa, and Sting–exquisite music, and such interesting contrasts of a glorious piece of music . . .

    Hope to see you once we dig out!

    • Roberta Rood said,

      Thanks so much for your gracious comments, & especially for your recommendation re Ian Bostridge. I too was amazed when I read that Wikipedia entry. What an exceptional person he is!

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