Two reasons to celebrate

January 28, 2011 at 2:08 am (Animals, books, Library)

The first: British author Philip Pullman’s ringing defense of libraries.

The second: a video from the Best Friends Animal Society describing the work they have done to rehabilitate Michael Vick’s abused dogs:

The fact that these people gave themselves so selflessly to this effort is enough to reaffirm your faith in mankind.

I’ve been a supporter of Best Friends for  a long time. You can see why.


  1. Elizabeth said,

    Hi Roberta,

    I work in a library and even when I didn’t, libraries were always very near and dear to me. Pullman’s article says it all!


  2. kathy d. said,

    Yes! To Philip Pullman for his ode to libraries and readers. It is fantastic.

    My nephew read his books years ago, and I read with amazement of the right-wing’s hostility to him in the U.S., and their campaigns to keep his books out of schools and libraries.

    That endeared him to me.

    So, now I read this terrific speech by him, and think it’s terrific. I hope it goes all over the blogosphere. I’ll send it on, too.

    What is a world without libraries? People need books as surely as food and shelter, from cradle to grave.

    I got my first library card at three, and have loved books ever since.

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