The joys of secondhand bookstores

June 9, 2011 at 1:28 pm (books)

In this past Sunday’s Washington Post Travel section, Lloyd Rose had a delightful piece on some exceptional secondhand bookstores he visited recently in upstate New York and Vermont:

“The Impulsive Traveler: The hidden pleasures of the secondhand bookstore”


  1. Hattatt said,

    We have been recommended to your site by Yvette of ‘In So Many Words’ and are delighted to have found you. Not least as your most recent posts, which we have enjoyed looking at, centre around the Welsh Marches where, for over twenty-five years, we lived.

    But how wonderful to have a blog largely devoted to things literary. We have recently been reading Montaigne, or at least Saul Frampton’s new book.

    Do you have Followers? We do on our blog [although at the moment a Blogger problem means they do not appear] but cannot see a way here of following you which we should wish to do.

    Have a very happy weekend.

  2. Yvette said,

    What a wonderful link, Roberta. I posted it over on Facebook. I ADORE used bookstores and only wish there were more of them around these parts. Sometimes they open and close before you’ve even had a chance to do much looking.

    My favorite all around used bookstore though, has to be, The Strand in NYC. It is heaven.

    But I loved reading about some of the ones lisrted in the Washington Post article.

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