This hijacked my day…

July 10, 2011 at 7:59 pm (books, Mystery fiction)

And my brain…And my life!

But what fun, really…

On his blog At the Villa Rose, Xavier Lechard has posted a video slide show entitled “Murder They Wrote: Women in Crime Fiction From The Nineteenth Century To Now.” It consists of pictures of women who’ve written crime fiction, with each image getting about five seconds of screen time. The writers are not identified by name; that job is left to us, their readers:

So: who are these estimable individuals? Like me, you probably knew some right off the bat, while others tickled the edge of your memory, and still others simply mystified.

I don’t know about you, but their was simply no way I could resist this delicious challenge. And so…

I counted a total forty-six images. On my first run-through, I  identified twenty-three with reasonable (but not absolute) certainty. I then took an educated guess on one image, based on her apparel. I sought to verify my surmise via Google image search and was gratified to find that I was right. There were three other writers that I could think of that I felt reasonably certain were somewhere in this array. I located all three on Google and subsequently on the slide show.

I was also helped by the fact that three of the images have appeared in various posts on Books to the Ceiling.

Should you be interested, you can click here to see my answers. I’ve identified the images according to the time indicated on the scrub bar at the bottom of the video. Do let me know, via  comments on this post, if you spot any errors and/or if you can identify additional authors.

You’ll note that  at the end it says “To Be Continued…” I wonder whether this means there will be more women authors, or whether the next installment will feature men. Either way, one is grateful to Matthieu Esbrat, the creator, and to Xavier Lechard, for placing the video on his blog. Thanks to both of you. More of the same would be most welcome!


  1. Kerrie said,

    well done Roberta. I got about 6

  2. kathy d. said,

    Very well done. You’re another reader who should get an honorary PHD in Crime Fiction History with a specialty in women authors.

    I knew about 5 by name, but several by sight yet couldn’t put a name to the face.

    I will look at your answers and then see the whole answer list.

  3. Xavier Lechard said,

    Hello Roberta,

    Thanks for highlighting the video.

    All but one of your answers are correct – I’ll post the cast list by the end of the month, so stay tuned.

    I asked Matthieu about the “To Be Continued” thing, and he said it means the long history of women in crime fiction has actually only just begun.


    • Roberta Rood said,

      Merci mille fois, Monsieur Lechard! (I try to take every opportunity to reawaken my dormant yet still beloved high school and college French language skills.)

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