Where were you when…

August 24, 2011 at 12:46 am (Earthquakes!, Local interest (Baltimore-Washington))

Ron and I were in a Target store looking for various household items when the floor beneath our feet began to shake. Then the whole store began to tremble. The lights flickered but stayed on. In ten seconds it was over.

Ron said instantly, “That was an earthquake.” We proceeded to the front of the store, where we encountered numerous individuals on their cell phones, in some cases, trying in vain to get through. Outside, there were more people milling about. We went back to our car, got in, and drove home – a distance of only a few miles. We were anxious about the house, and its contents – particularly the live one:  . Everything was as we’d left it. Miss Marple was as we left her; she began begging for food immediately. Thus we knew everything was back to normal – for the time being, at least.

I’m creating a special category for this post. I sincerely hope I never use it again!


  1. Joann Keesey said,

    Yes, you always know cats are OK when they ask for food. Some folks up here in the NE claim to have felt it as far N as Bennington, VT. Our cats and myself slept thru the whole thing..

  2. Pauline Cohen said,


    I was wondering if anyone experienced any damage from the earthquake. Until I read your post I thought that our experience was the usual one. We arrived home yesterday (8/24) after our trip to Toronto and found several items were broken or damaged: three vases were destroyed, a lot of ornaments had fallen off our bookshelves, several photo frames were broken, a table lamp was damaged, pictures on the walls were crooked, etc. There were many items on the floor, including the broken pieces of the vases. Surprisingly a heavy Waterford vase had fallen from a high shelf and remained intact. This was not the homecoming I planned on or hoped for.

    What were other people’s experiences? Although a lot of people in Toronto felt the earthquake we didn’t–we were taking a nap at the time–after spending an exhausting morning with our wonderful but energetic grandchildren!


    • Roberta Rood said,

      Pauline, I’m sorry you had breakage from the quake. That kind of thing is distressing to come home to. I understand some schools in Ann Arundel County had damage as well.

  3. Louise said,

    Glad all was ok. I think if I had been out when there was an Earthquake I would have been in a real panic about my poor little cat at home. He, I’m sure, would have been sound asleep.

  4. kathy d. said,

    I was asleep in New York City, felt nothing. My neighbors’ pets were fine, meowing and barking for food, as usual.

    Sorry to hear about the breakage. Where was that?

    • Roberta Rood said,


      No breakage, actually; just a cabinet door that swung open. Yet a friend of mine one county over had quite a bit of breakage. Unfortunately, they had been out of town, & it was a most dispiriting homecoming.

      We’ve had to move on quickly from the earthquake to Hurricane Irene. It’s very windy & rainy right now, so we’re monitoring developments carefully.

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