Society (of Little People) News: Miss Etta Lin celebrates her first birthday

October 16, 2011 at 11:49 am (Family)

On Saturday October 8 Miss Etta Lin celebrated her first birthday among friends and family at her home in Chicago.  Present were her parents, three sets of grandparents, and numerous friends of widely varying ages. (Etta has expressed particular pleasure at having so many grandparents, feeling quite certain that this happenstance will result in bonus amounts of gift giving, not to mention a large quantity of unquestioning adoration. So far, her expectations have been richly borne out!)

Etta stoking her little engine with pieces of strawberry, unfazed by a temporarily missing pigtail

Festivities commenced at noon on a glorious sunny day. Temperatures were in the eighties, a rare occurrence for that time of year. (Etta felt quite certain that this was a sign that Providence was smiling upon the event. Your Humble Reporter cannot but concur in this assessment.)

For this distinguished occasion, Etta wore a lovely dress of turquoise and white, with a large bow fetchingly placed at her shoulder. Here, her parents are making some last minute adjustments to her outfit, in order to assure maximum visual impact:    .

Speaking of visual impact, young Everly made quite a splash in her floral print dress with matching headgear:

Food and drink were plentiful and were consumed with gusto. As the older guests socialized, the younger ones were entertained at an ad hoc preschool set up by Etta’s Grandma Dorothy, whose prowess as a party planner had Your Reporter completely awed:

Grandma Dorothy supervising the craft activity, with June and her Mom taking part

Preschool continues, while Grandma Kathy holds little Etta

The older children also enjoyed the monkey-faced pinata, which finally released its payload of sweets and treats:

(The party had a monkey theme, in honor of Etta’s long standing fondness for a stuffed monkey, mysteriously named Bear….)

At any festive anniversary such as this, the opening of presents is invariably a highlight. Here we see Etta surrounded by gifts so generously bestowed upon her small person:

Etta received a green tutu with matching green hair ribbon barrettes from us. I was out with some  friends who have granddaughters and they urged this purchase on me. “Little girls love these!” they enthused. Many thanks, O wise friends!

Later that day, Etta had a chance to model this fine garment:

A true child of the twenty-first century, Etta takes every opportunity to acquaint herself with the latest trends in electronic gadgetry:

These days, parties frequently include a cupcake component. This one was no exception:

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Etta’s Mom and Dad and Grandma Dorothy for  this splendid entertainment. Thanks also go to the guests, who were so generous with gifts and good cheer. And of course, thanks also to Etta for – well, just being Etta!


  1. demie said,

    hallo Roberta! i can`t believe is already one year ago your wrote about her birth!!! the first birthday is always such a lovely occasion! she grew up to a very pretty and cute little person! all the best to her and all of you : )

    • Roberta Rood said,

      Thanks so much, Demie. Etta Lin is quite the little Joy Bringer!

  2. Carol said,

    what a lovely party! and a lovely birthday girl!

  3. kathy d. said,

    Your grand-daughter is even more adorable as she grows.

    That green tutu is a fantastic gift! I must take note of this.

    She looks so cute wearing it.

    On to many, many more fun birthdays with Etta Lin.

    Kathy D.

    • Roberta Rood said,

      Thanks, Kathy!

  4. Dorothy Morris said,

    Loved your comments on Etta’s first birthday. I always enjoy reading what you write Roberta. You should take it further and write a novel..


    • Roberta Rood said,

      That’s a big compliment to me, Dorothy. I’ve thought of writing fiction from time to time, but just writing for this blog has proven so challenging, I don’t think I’m up to the task.

      At any rate, thanks so much for your gracious words. Etta is such a joy, I’m still in a state of wonder about her!

  5. Yvette said,

    What a wonderful post, Roberta. Your little Etta Lin is a treasure.

    Loved the way you turned your observations into a ‘report’. Fun to read. Miss Etta looked as if she had a grand time.

    And I know exactly how you feel, grandma.

    I baby sat my own granddaughter (17 months!) for the first time a week ago and it was SO MUCH FUN. Though I was exhausted by evening’s end. I even got to feed her. She eats her food the same way your Etta Lin does, scattered in front of her with NO plates. I can’t remember how we used to do it for our kids, but I don’t think it was ever done this cleverly.

  6. Robbie said,

    Love the commentary on Etta’s birthday attire and accoutrements!

    She is a real cutie!!!!

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