Miss Etta Lin spotted at a fine dining venue

February 26, 2012 at 2:19 am (Family)

This just in from our Society Reporter:

Miss Etta Lin was recently seen at an upscale eatery in Jackson, Wyoming.  She was tasked with selecting the proper wine to accompany the evening’s repast. In April, Etta will attain the age of one and a half years.

I knew that our granddaughter was acquiring valuable skills at her Montessori Day Care – but truly, this exceeds our expectations!

(Caption for this photo supplied by her ever helpful father.)

"I said the '74 not the '76! take this back and get it right next time! Also, mush some peas up and put them in a plastic bowl."


  1. Kathy Ackley said,

    Really, really cute, Roberta! What a great picture, and the caption is perfect.

  2. southernfrances said,

    She’s wearing a sophisticated sweater, too.

  3. Lorraine S. said,

    Love the way her hand is around the bottle. She’s adorable. You’re very blessed.

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