“What a wonderful communal and intellectual transaction. What an invaluable institution.”

November 25, 2012 at 1:53 pm (books, Library)

While subbing at the Glenwood Branch Library yesterday, I came upon an article in a recent issue of Library Journal that neatly echoed my own recent experience at the Miller Branch.  “First Words: Where the Librarian Surpasses the Warrior”    – marvelous title! – is by Michael Kelley, newly appointed editor in chief of the magazine.


  1. Angie Boyter said,

    That is a lovely article, Roberta, AND, if the library gets its act together and starts ordering more e-books to lend, the author could have BORROWED the book for his Kindle!

  2. Angie Boyter said,

    Ooops! What a terrible grammatical error above! BUT the reason for my comment is: Where is this site based? It is 9:19 AM where I am. Is WordPress british?

    • Roberta Rood said,

      Perhaps I’m a bit foggy today, but – What grammatical error? Is it the shift of verb tenses?
      Also, as far as I know, WordPress is based in California. Their posted ‘time’ never agrees with mine!

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