The besotted grandmother strikes again…

September 27, 2015 at 6:28 pm (Family)

Grandson Welles recently celebrated his second birthday. And boy, did he celebrate – we all did!

First, Big Sister Etta decided to dress stylishly for the occasion. We were banned from sneaking a peek, until she appeared at the top of the stairs looking like this:

IMG_1398-X2Let’s see: two dresses, about five bracelets, any number of bows and barrettes, purple shoes – and two tutus! (She did streamline things a bit later.)

The party had a fire engine theme. This is because Welles’s imagination, currently in a vehicular stage, is especially centered on fire trucks. His resourceful Mom found great decorations, such as



IMG_1456-X3A number of entertainment features were provided for the younger guests. The Bouncy Castle was a huge hit:


Etta and Welles, bouncing

Etta and Welles, bouncing


The table laden with goodies


Welles and his beautiful Mom, surveying the delectables, while Big Sister and other guests look on


Before the party started to wind down, we gathered the children onto the steps for a photo op


The Birthday Boy, once again, happily chowing down

Earlier in the day, it had rained hard, and we were apprehensive about what the weather would do later in the day, at party time. As you can see, it cleared up and turned into a beautiful day, made all the more beautiful by everyone’s happiness and the presence of so many children, carefree and exuberant.

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