Tragedy in Ellicott City, Maryland

August 1, 2016 at 12:24 am (Local interest (Baltimore-Washington), Maryland)

We are saddened and shocked by the devastating flood in downtown Ellicott City. A torrential downpour is responsible for two deaths and tremendous destruction of property.

This is a community of quiet charm, lovely – and in some cases, quirky – shops, and fine restaurants.

But now….






(Pictures are from The Washington Post.)

This happened some four or five miles from our house. We are on high ground and so were unaffected by this storm. Unaffected – but plenty scared. It seemed as though the pounding rain would never stop.

So far I have found these two organizations who are accepting donations for flood victims:

The Ellicott City Partnership

Preservation Maryland


  1. Kathy davis said,

    I am glad you are both safe. Will keep your city in my prayers.

  2. Kay Wisniewski said,

    Any idea how badly Tersiguel’s–your favorite restaurant–was affected?

  3. Lorraine Slattery said,

    As soon as I read the news, I knew you lived somewhere in the vicinity from your blog and said a prayer for you and your husband.

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