A Story for Etta and Welles

September 1, 2017 at 8:12 pm (Family)

Last month, Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit.

They got to see Welles and Etta honing their computer skills.

Welles and Etta have just been to Yellowstone National Park! This is why Welles has a nice new stuffed bison. Etta has one too.

Etta and Welles are about to leave for a Superhero-themed birthday party.

During the visit, Welles and Etta made a fort. This is an activity which all children seem to enjoy.



(A fort can be a great hiding place.)

Grandma, Etta, and Welles went for a walk to the park. Along the way, they saw some interesting sights:

As they walk, they hold hands, ever mindful of safety.

Etta really loves her little brother! The feeling is mutual.


Sometimes the sheer joy of being alive takes hold. And then you just have to take off running! (That’s okay, as long as you stop at the intersection. Welles  and Etta are very good about that.)

Etta and Welles both have birthdays coming soon. Happy birthday to both of you!




  1. Elizabeth A Mitchell said,

    What a great idea! I may have to borrow it!

    • Roberta Rood said,

      Feel free!

  2. Nan said,

    Wonderful, wonderful post!! Beautiful kids, and a happy grandmother!

  3. kdwisni said,

    That fort certainly brought bac memories. What delightful grandchildren you have!

  4. Joanne Lichtenstein said,

    So cute, thanks for sharing!!!

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