London, Day Three: Trafalgar Square

December 30, 2017 at 6:17 pm (London 2017)

I was amazed and gratified to be in Trafalgar Square. It’s been decades since I was last there. I feel like a completely different person now. Gazing up at Nelson’s Column – all 169 feet and 3 inches of it – with the statue of England’s great Naval hero honored at its summit – I wished I could preserve the moment forever.

Wikipedia has an excellent entry about the Column, and terrific visuals to go with it.

Trafalgar Square was a festive hive of activity – some of it rather bizarre – on the Tuesday that Donna and I were there.

A violinist; he was quite good.

The National Gallery, our ultimate destination, faces directly onto the Square. So does this beautiful church.

I later found out that it was the Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, familiar to me from The Academy of St Martin in the Fields, the distinguished ensemble founded and led for many years by the great Neville Marriner.

Sir Neville Marriner April 15, 1924 – October2, 2016




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