A Wonderful Man

April 24, 2018 at 1:38 pm (Family)

  Yesterday, we said our final farewells to Dr. Harold Gilbert. I always called him ‘Uncle Hal,’ but actually he was my cousin. More precisely, he was my father’s first cousin. His father was my Grandmother Ida’s brother. Not only that – his mother was my Grandfather Jake’s sister. To add to  the confusion, both men were named Jacob.

The short version of this is, Brother and Sister married Brother and Sister. It’s an explanation that almost always leads to head scratching and mumbling to oneself and to others. (Hal loved to tell people that I was his cousin – the only extended family relation on his side living in the Baltimore area.)

No matter. Yesterday, the focus was rightly on Hal himself. When after decades of happy marriage, Hal lost his wife, my ‘Aunt Patsy,’ he had the great good fortune to meet and marry Phyllis. She added love, joy, and companionship to his final years.

In words of love and praise, Hal’s ‘works and days’ were described by Phyllis, granddaughter Alaina, daughter Debbie, and the Rabbi. Hal’s entire family has been a model of devotion, and with good reason: Hal was one of the most loving and generous individuals I’ve ever known. The Jewish religion and his family were always top priorities for him. (Special love goes out at this time from me to my cousin Stephany, more a sister than a cousin.)

At last year’s Passover Seder, he proclaimed Passover to be a wonderful celebration. Over the years, it also served as the celebration of a wonderful man.

Hal, it was great having you with us for the ninety-seven years of your life. You will be in our hearts way beyond this time.

Dr. Harold Gilbert



  1. Michelle Ann said,

    My sympathies, Roberta. It is always sad when a loved relative dies, but it is a consolation if they have had a long, useful and happy life. None of us can ask for more.

    • Roberta Rood said,

      Graciously said, Michelle Ann. Thank you.

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