Holiday Wishes, 2018

December 24, 2018 at 8:48 pm (Art, Christmas, Family, Music)

My best holiday wishes to everyone.

I am deeply blessed and fortunate, and I wish the same for every one of you!



Wilton Diptych, left panel. Artist unknown

Wilton Diptych, Right panel. Artist unknown


Annunciation. Fra Angelico


Virgin of the Rocks. Leonardo Da Vinci


The Alba Madonna. Raphael



My Aunt Patsy and Uncle Hal, enjoying life to the fullest, and always generously sharing that joy with friends and family. Forever in our hearts…


My parents, Lillian and Samuel ‘Ted’ Tedlow at the opera in Bayreuth, Germany. They exemplified class, elegance, and sophistication. I miss them.

Daughter-in-law Erica and Son Ben – Beautiful people in every way


Etta and Welles, growing by leaps and bounds, my love for them growing at the same dizzying speed


My husband Ron. His love, kindness, and companionship make my life worth living.


Le Paradis, by Henri Maik



  1. geebee1951 said,

    Merry Christmas, Roberta. Enjoy your blog. Miss your presentations you used to do for our noontime book club in Hanover. You have a beautiful family.

    • Roberta Rood said,

      Wow, Gail, what a pleasure to hear from you! I always enjoyed coming to Hanover – at least, up until the last visit, which was not exactly optimal.
      But thanks so much for your lovely comment, and for your appreciation of the family.

  2. Mike said,

    Beautiful photos Roberta!
    Thank you for your wonderful blog, which I enjoy all year long, and your priceless friendship!

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