In the spirit of Passover (and for all those for whom Seder has been cancelled)

April 4, 2020 at 4:10 pm (Judaism)

First, here is a D’var Torah (an explication of a portion of the Torah) presented by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. The video is prefaced by this message  from the Rabbi:

Here is a short D’var Torah from Rabbi Sacks on what we can learn about the Coronavirus pandemic from this week’s parsha of Vayikra. (As an explanation for the opening: we had a few technical issues to begin with, but we got there in the end!)

I thought at first this might be too esoteric and exclusive for most non Hebrew speaking viewers (of which I am one), but the comment section on YouTube contained several expressions of warmth and gratitude from individuals of various faiths, so I thought, well okay, I’ll place it here:

Next, this wonderful performance of Bela Bartok’s Romanian Dances seems to fit perfectly here:

You’ll note that Rabbi Sacks emphasizes the importance of  humor in a crisis period like the one we’re currently in. I’d like to offer what I think is a truly creative music video as an example.

(Note: You’ll appreciate the video below more if you’re familiar with “Uptown Funk,” the original by Bruno Mars  and Mark Ronson.)

Without further ado: Here is Uptown Passover:




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