I’ve been doing tons of reading – really!

September 13, 2020 at 3:12 pm (Book review, books)

I just haven’t been writing about it. I shall try to remedy that state of affairs, if only partly.

First, the most challenging:

This is from the August 11 New York Times review by Mark Oppenheimer:

In 2012, the Harvard scholar Karen King announced what she believed to be an extraordinary discovery: a second-century papyrus fragment with a text hinting that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife,” as it became known, tapped into a plot point from “The Da Vinci Code” that had already helped King’s academic treatise on Mary Magdalene become a best seller with a mass audience.

That about sums it up. I can only add that behind this summary there is a huge amount of information concerning the dating of papyrus fragments, the deciphering of Coptic language passages, and lots more arcane data that, for  this reader at least, was too much to take in and make sense of. Along with this, there was a large cast of characters, mainly experts in specialties of which I for one was barely aware. At every turn, the book threatened to become unreadable. It was only through sheer force of will that I made my way through to the end.

I should mention, though, that midway through this weighty and solemn tome, there’s a totally unexpected segue into the doings of a Florida couple who are part of a fun loving swingers group, complete with explicit video footage. “Southwest Florida has a vibrant swingers’ community,” author Ariel Sabar informs us. He enlarges on the subject  thus:

Couples can get to know one another at brick-and-mortar clubs with names like Eyz Wide Shut, Master’s Quest and the Woodshed. In one online forum, Fritz’s wife mentioned performing with a well-known scenester named Art Hammer, who was featured in a VICE channel TV miniseries on “the lifestyle: the insatiable wives and their cuckolded white husbands….”

Well, you get the idea. In the midst of this hyper-intellectual tome, this section was a startling presence. All I could think was, Who knew? Certainly not I, a former Floridian myself. Needless to say, the pace of reading picked up considerably at this juncture! But be assured, things settled back down in short order. And the pace became arduous once again.

If this is an area of interest for you, then  by all means, read Veritas. Or, if you just wish to push your brain a bit. Otherwise, like me, you might be a bit overwhelmed.

I have to add that Ariel Sabar did a prodigious amount of research. I deeply admire the effort. Also, Karen King is an interesting person to learn about. I was glad to get to know her, through Sabar’s unrelenting labors in Veritas.

Ariel Sabar

Karen King



  1. Melanie Peterson said,

    Did you see this in today’s news?!?!?!



    • Roberta Rood said,

      No, I didn’t Melanie. Many thanks for the heads up!

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