I’m back..it was wonderful…where to begin?

May 18, 2009 at 12:25 pm (Italian journey, Italy, Travel)

At the beginning, perhaps, as we sat for two and a half hours on the tarmac at Dulles International Airport. This infuriating delay, caused first by a security-related luggage mix-up and then by the unstable weather, nearly made us miss our connection from Munich to Naples. However, thanks to game companions, good running shoes, and luck, we made it, with minutes to spare. No small feat, as Munich airport is the size of a small city and it seemed as though we had to traverse the better part of it at speed in order to reach our gate. On top of which, unbeknown to us, they had changed the gate number! Veering right, we maintained speed, with me breaking into a run…

…And we soon found ourselves aboard a  Lufthansa A321 Airbus. After the cramped confines of  United’s Boeing 777, this aircraft seemed positively spacious. I could even cross my legs – and I was in economy class! (Even so, am I not a part of all mankind, etc?)

Feelings of vast relief were enhanced by the friendly and efficient service of the crew.  And this is probably as  good a time as any for me to sing the praises of Lufthansa. I haven’t been so impressed by an airline since the crew members of Southwest first cracked wise in my surprised and happy presence. These people really know the meaning of customer service. Bless you, Lufthansa; you turned a harrowing encounter into an exhilarating kickoff for my Italian Adventure!

Next up: Naples…

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  1. Carol said,

    Welcome back, Roberta! We missed you at the luncheon but are looking forward to hearing all about Italy. Did you see Brunetti’s/Donna Leon’s Venice?

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